finest german luggages & Accessoires for Global players


Designed to last a lifetime

At VOCIER, we are dedicated to creating the best travel gear in the world. Whether you travel thousands of miles per year or are simply getting away for the weekend, it’s important to have high-quality luggage, bags and accessories that you can rely on.

Built for a Global Community

By Frequent Travelers, for Frequent Travelers

– Durable design and luxury materials 

– IATA cabin size compliant 

– Removable wrinkle-free clothing compartment 

– Power bank & toiletries access  

– Lightweight but protective frame 


No corners. No pressure. No wrinkles.

Zero Crease™

Now to the wrinkles. What causes them? Two things: pressure, and a tight radius. If you can eliminate both, you can eliminate wrinkles, and this was always a goal for VOCIER.

Traditional bags wrinkle clothes because of their tight corners and the internal packing pressure that is placed on the garments. VOCIER’s carry-ons avoid this both by gently rolling apparel rather than folding it, and then by avoiding the application of pressure. To avoid placing pressure against the garment bag, the Zero Crease liner is actually suspended within the luggage and acts as a cushioned compartment, into which all additional apparel and shoes are

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